Why More School?

Why do we go to school?
How much of your life have you spent in school…?
If you graduated high school, probably 12 years, college, 14-18+ years?
School can be boring, tough, and worst of all… POINTLESS. Before you register for another semester of classes, take a couple of hours to consider why you are going to school, what your goals are, and how you plan to get there
Here are a few questions to ask that will help you plan your next semester:

  1. Do I have a good reason to be going to school
    What’s motivating me to go?
    -Is it a desire for future financial gain, social status, or personal accomplishment?
    Does my intended career require me to have this degree/certification?
    Many jobs do not, and you might be able to find an alternate.
  2. Am I on a financially sound route?
    How much money will I owe, and how long will it take me to pay off the debts? How much can I expect to make after graduation?
  3. Am I planning my courses in the most efficient way to get there?
    -Am I taking unnecessary electives
    -Can I take more courses to graduate faster

Let me know what insights you have in the comments below. Happy learnings!


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